Get Healthy, Happy & Fit With Our 14 Day Kickstart Program.


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Looking for a program that will finally get your results?

Are you tired of other trainers or programs NOT delivering on their word BUT to ONLY leave you discouraged & frustrated?

  • I don’t know you, but if you are trying to “get back in shape” We are your solution. BUT...
  • I don’t have the biggest facility.
  • Myself & my coaches aren’t supermodels.
  • Our workouts are built for ALL fitness levels, shapes & sizes.
  • I don’t have the nicest equipment.

But despite all that, we somehow are able to get our clients AMAZING RESULTS...THAT LAST!

And what I realized, what the REAL SECRET SAUCE IS after doing this for almost 6 Years... Was that people continue to do things that they LIKE.

Most times, people don’t need more education. Most people already know that they need to eat better and move more.

Sure, are there some strategies that will make things happen faster? – Absolutely.

Sure we’ll give you the...

  • Formula to BURN FAT
  • Build Muscle
  • Delicious Meal Plan & Grocery List
  • Shake Recipes & Smoothie Guide
  • Restaurant Guide
  • Meal Prep Hacks to Save You Time and Money
  • Scientifically Designed Workouts To Maximize Results and Minimize Time
  • 24/7 VIP Facebook Group
  • FREE Gloves
  • Unlimited Classes
  • More Energy that leaves you feeling FANTABULOUS

Sure you’ll get all that.

But the honest truth is – it’s all about the experience.

  • If I can show you it is easier then you think...
  • How you can still eat chocolate and cake...
  • How Women in Midlothian are already pumping out results...
  • How you can squeeze in 30 minutes of "Me Time"

If I can show you all that, then you’ll never want to leave. And if I can get you to work out for the rest of your life and learn the habits of long term fitness (as I’ve taught hundreds of others) then you’ll actually get what you’ve always wanted...

...The body you’ve wanted, with the energy, confidence, and self-care you’ve always wanted to go along with it.

So – if this is your cup of tea.... You won’t regret it.

Here are a couple of our current members who have been thru our programs recently...

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45 Minute Goal Finding Session with Kathy the owner


*14 Days must be taken consecutively by January 30, 2018, no refunds


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(Value over $400)

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Monday classes are 45 min each, All other days are 30 min classes

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