What Makes Us Unique

Lose Fat, Build Muscle and Feel Fantablulous!

We are a studio for women of all shapes, sizes and fitness ability and help you learn at a speed that is comfortable for YOU. We always care for you to ease all the worry and to make you feel welcome. We are a big happy family helping each other to reach our goals and we will make you part of it from start!

Our dedicated and highly skilled coaching staff will meet all of your expectations with a warm smile and a dose of motivation!

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Aim4Fitness is different because it includes everything you need to lose weight: an effective and fun full-body workout, personal trainers to guide you and expert nutritional guidance. It's all based on the latest exercise and nutritional science.

We focus on helping YOU achieve YOUR goals.


Get started NOW by calling us now at 804-291-8812.

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Aim 4Fitness is not your typical big box gym, we offer guided classes that are suitable for women of all fitness levels. Our members are a community of like-minded women of all different shapes, backgrounds, abilities and ages who have come together with the goal of becoming happier, healthier versions of themselves. If you are ready to step into fitness, then we have a spot here waiting for you to become part of our family!

  • NEVER just throw you in to a class!
  • Receive 2 intro classes with a personal coach
  • Emphasis on form for safety and maximum results
  • Modifications provided if needed
  • If you require more guidance, we offer that too!
  • We pair you up with floor trainers or seasoned members for your first classes
  • Skilled instructors watch over you in each class
  • Our Fundamentals classes help EVERYONE maintain proper form (because we can all use reminders!)

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